Specialized Care & Attention

Find relief from back pain, neck pain, painful joints or chronic headaches and muscle pain caused by repetitive strain, sports injuries, a car accident or the aging process. Dr. Toby Spitzlberger–or just DocSpitz to his patients–offers the best in chiropractic care in Littleton.

At DocSpitz Performance Clinic, we believe in treating the joints and the soft tissue with functional tissue release. We combine cutting edge myofascial therapies with skilled chiropractic manipulation to provide comprehensive, functional care for fast results. Rather than several visits a week drawn out for months, we believe in an accelerated treatment program that gets you back in your game with little or no time out on the bench.

Innovative Musculo-skeletal care

DocSpitz has helped patients of all ages and all walks of life. From the dare-devil toddler, to the mother of four, to the elite athlete; whatever your condition, experience intensive specialized chiropractic care and attention. Come and see why we are different than other chiropractic visits you may have experienced before.


Concierge Service

From the busy business person to the professional athlete who requires in-home or in-office specialized attention.


Realize your full health potential